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Kover Center offers everything you need for wide-format printing success. We've got you covered from compatibility issues, adhesion, fingerprints, weather resistance, color limitations to media flexibility and elasticity problems.

Media Analysis & Evaluation

Determine media suitability before printing on Mimaki printers.

The evaluation includes testing the media compatibility with the printer as well as its print quality and durability.

This service is ideal for digital printing businesses that need to produce high-quality printing and want to ensure that the medias they use are suitable for the desired printing outcomes.

Remote Technical Assistance.

Through the implementation of virtual reality technology using Vuzix, we can provide top-notch assistance to our customers.

By utilizing Vuzix augmented reality (AR) smart glasses and our streaming video application Vuzix Remote Assist, Mimaki operators can seamlessly connect with Kover Center remote expert support.

With this new technology, Mimaki users can troubleshoot and resolve technical issues remotely, covering a wide range of issues such as annual maintenance procedures, printing problems, calibrations, conversions, and color management.

This process streamlines procedures and eliminates the need for travel, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced downtime.


Digital Printing Training

Designed to empower and raise the bar of Mimaki operators.

Operators will master the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively operate and maintain the printers, ensuring that they are able to produce high-quality prints consistently.

Topics covered include printer setup and calibration, material handling, color management, troubleshooting, among others.

The goal is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the printing process while minimizing errors and downtime.

Color Management Solutions.

Mimaki users will learn and master how to manage color in digital images and printing processes.

These courses cover topics such as color theory, color spaces, color calibration, and color correction techniques.

By taking a color management course, Mimaki operators can learn how to ensure accurate and consistent color reproduction across different printers and printing methods.

These courses are particularly relevant for Mimaki professionals aware of the fact that accurate color reproduction is critical.

Quick Overview of How it Works

Kover Center provides you with everything you need to be successful in your wide-format printing business.

We Evaluate.

To achieve the best results in your printing job, it's important to find the optimal combination of elements.

We'll help you to evaluate your media.

Paper, plastic or even fabric will affect the type of ink that you can or cannot be print with.

This cannot be taken lightly so we will give you the best advice as to what type of ink should be used for the media you need to print on.

We Test

We identify the surface energy of the medias and compare it with surface tension of the inks to predict adhesion capabilities.

Tests are based on industry standards in terms of:

  • Adhesion
  • Color
  • Estimated outdoor durability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Flexibility and elasticity
  • Chemical resistance

We Adjust

We repeat processes using different inks and medias until the best match is found.

Testing, testing, testing until getting the desired outcomes will allow wide-format printing businesses to make well-informed decisions about which media should be used, which in turn lead to optimal printing results without wasting time and/or money.

The #1 Matching Lab in The US

Kover Center Has Been Built & Equipped To Overcome Wide-Format Printing Challenges



We use this equipment to test and apply special coatings for digital inks, to protect the surface against chemicals, abrasives, and in some cases, UV rays

Color Management


We use spectrophotometers and densitometers to evaluate colors, ink coverage density and to create customized color profiles

Heat Transfer


We use this equipment to evaluate media absorption, time, temperature and pressure required to sublimate.

Surface Energy


We use this equipment to determine and increase the surface energy of the medias (Dynas) to increase adhesion properties and wetting.

Elasticity & Flexibility


We use this thermoforming equipment to evaluate the elongation and flexibility properties of inks and medias.

Take a Peek Into Our Facilities

Here You'll Find Solutions for Matching & Compatibility Issues

5 Reasons To Choose Kover Center

Reason #1

The center has a specialization in testing the practicality of printing tasks, which provides advantages that can help you save time, money, and effort.

Reason #2

Our facility is equipped with machines that can thermoform and test the flexibility and elasticity of the media that have been printed with digital inks. Additionally, we have equipment that can assess the viscosity of the inks, giving us the ability to predict results for each Mimaki printing equipment based on the printer's settings.

Reason #3

Kover Center intends to offer a service to users of Mimaki printers where they can receive an opinion, option, or solution for printing medias where their existing configurations on their machines are generating compatibility problems in terms of adherence, fingerprints, weather resistance, limitations in color, flexibility and elasticity.

Reason #4

At the center, professionals can send media that their clients need or that they choose, which will be evaluated based on project requirements. The center will then recommend options that can reduce costs, simplify production time, and meet expectations for specific needs based on multiple factors.

Reason #5

Kover Center is a cutting-edge matching lab for Mimaki professional printers, founded by KOVER Corp, a leading US-based company specializing in wide-format digital inks. With a strong foundation year of 1999, KOVER Corp has grown to operate in 17 countries and has completed OEM conversions for over 14,000 printers. Their dedication to quality and innovation has earned them 12 awards, and their expertise is evidenced by the 10 million liters of digital ink they have sold. Kover Center is a testament to their commitment to providing the best solutions for their clients, ensuring optimal color matching and performance for Mimaki professional printers. By leveraging their extensive experience and knowledge in digital inks, Kover Center is able to provide exceptional results for all of their clients' needs.


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