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Let's Upgrade Your Mimaki® Printers.


What is GoMimaki®?

It's a MONEY-SAVING PLAN designed to grow your digital printing business easier and faster.

  • You will neither spend money on losing media nor on pre-press hours trying to achieve the desired colors.

  • You will NOT spend money on working hours cleaning every single sheet before printing.

  • You will neither spend money on ordering specialty digital stockings nor on corona treated stockings as there's no need for treatment to have proper adhesion.

GoMimaki® Has Been Engineered

To Take Your Mimaki Printers To The Next Level.

Reduce Costs

  • Pay less for every bottle of ink.
  • No need to throw away printed sheets as edges chip during the routing process.
  • No need to reprint sheets because fingerprints can be seen on the image.
  • Achieve the correct colors with less ink.
  • Optimize working hours per worker.

Improve Process

  • You'll be able to predict in advance what the exact result of a printing job will be.
  • No more guessing.
  • No more trial-and-error way of doing things.
  • No need for more than just one printing.
  • Your printers will be free from any bottlenecks.

Increase Production

  • Optimizing printing processes guarantees an increase in production capacity.
  • Knowing in advance how many sheets can be printed per hour.
  • without failures or waste allows you to accurately calculate the production capacity.
  • which in turn constitutes an hour in man-hours and more profit for the company.

GoMimaki® Reviews

from Digital Printing Professionals


Will Definitely Be

A Game-Changer For Your Digital Printing Business

What Does GoMimaki® Mean?

For Flatbed printers it'll mean:

  • NO chipping edges
  • NO fingerprints
  • NO corona treatments
  • NO liner marks
  • OPTIMAL adhesion
  • OPTIMAL color accuracy

For Roll To Roll printers it'll mean:

  • NO DOP migration
  • NO VOC's
  • NO NVC
  • OPTIMAL curing
  • OPTIMAL chemical resistance
  • OPTIMAL color accuracy

GoMimaki® Also Means Exclusive Access To...

The #1 Matching Lab

For Mimaki® Printers

  • Coating Station
  • Color Management Station
  • Elasticity & Flexibility Station
  • Heat Transfer Station
  • Surface Energy Station

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