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What's Koverink®?

Koverink® are CONVERSION PLANS engineered to turn Mimaki® printers into 'printing cash cows'.

Koverink® will be a GAME-CHANGER for your printing business due to

Five (5) Key Components:


Premium-Quality Inks

NUtec® digital inks are globally recognized as an ideal match for Mimaki® printers.

This reputation is earned through the efforts of a highly-specialized research and development team, who work in state-of-the-art facilities of NUtec® company to manufacture digital inks complying with the highest standards regarding production processes and environmental policies.


Remote Assistance Technology

By using Vuzix® augmented reality (AR) smart glasses it'll be easier, faster and less expensive possible to solve printing issues in minutes instead of days.

As Mimaki printers become increasingly complex, operators are tasked with their operation. By using Vuzix® Remote Assistance in combination with augmented reality (AR) smart glasses, potential errors can be prevented, and safety and productivity can be enhanced. This can be achieved by enabling real-time connection to Kover® remote assistance technicians



Ink Conversion Expertise

With over 14,000 printers converted across 19 countries, the Kover® team is the leading expert in ink conversions.

Established in 1992, Kover® has received 12 prestigious awards for its outstanding work and sold over 10 million liters of digital ink. Their expertise and commitment to excellence make them the ideal partner to optimize your Mimaki® printers for maximum efficiency and profitability.


Mimaki® Matching Lab

Koverink® will give you exclusive access to Kover Center®, the #1 Mimaki® matching lab where professionals test, evaluate and get their printing issues solved.

You can also have access to assessments and printing solutions when the original configurations of Mimaki® printers are causing problems regarding compatibility, adhesion, fingerprints, weather resistance, limitations in color, flexibility and media elasticity.


Product Fulfillment Services

With 18 locations nationwide, TubeliteDenco® is arguably the premier distributor for sign, screen print, and digital imaging supplies across the USA.

Regarding Mimaki® supplies TubeliteDenco® will serve your NUtec® ink supply needs. Each location also offers an extensive warehouse inventory, local deliveries, will-call pick-up, and a knowledgeable customer service staff.

Koverink® Delivers...

Better Performance On Mimaki® Flatbed Printers.

Printing Benefits

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How important is 10% less ink consumption? (it can be verified thru the RIP).
  • What's the actual value of cleaning every other rigid substrate to remove fingerprints?
  • What's the price of applying a primer or buying only digital media to improve adhesion?
  • What's the cost of repeating a job because of chipping edges?
  • How big is the risk of not complying with the YMP? (Yearly Maintenance Procedure is required by Mimaki® to guarantee optimal performance of the printers).

Ink-Conversion Plans For Mimaki® Flatbed Printers.


Koverink® Delivers...

High-Quality Printing On Mimaki® Roll-To-Roll Printers.

Printing Benefits

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How important is 10% less ink consumption? (it can be verified thru the RIP).
  • What's the actual value of being forced to laminate the prints (chemical resistance).
  • What's the cost of buying expensive PVC products to prevent plasticizer migration?

  • How big is the risk of not complying with the YMP? (Yearly Maintenance Procedure is required by Mimaki® to guarantee optimal performance of the printers).

Ink-Conversion Plans For Mimaki® Roll To Roll Printers.


Koverink® Delivers...

High-Efficiency On Mimaki® Eco-Solvent Printers.

Printing Benefits

Other Benefits

  • Fogra 39 L and 51.
  • Gracol 2006 and 2013 (G7) verified.
  • Complying with LAB parameters of ISA12647-2 verification.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How important is printing with ERP inks that don't contain HAPs?
  • What's the actual value of printing with ERP inks that don't contain Ozone depleting substances?
  • What's the cost of printing without being safely protected from a hazardous substance?
  • Are you aware of the harm to the health when printing exposed to non-ERP inks?

  • Do you know ERP inks have higher exposure limits making them a safer choice?
  • How big is the risk of not complying with the YMP? (Yearly Maintenance Procedure is required by Mimaki® to guarantee optimal performance of the printers).

Health & Environmental-Related Benefits

  • NUtec Emerald inks are all Environment Responsible Products (ERP).
  • ERP ink products do not contain HAPs.
  • Emerald ERP ink products do not contain Ozone-depleting substances.
  • Emerald ERP ink products have higher exposure limits making these products the safer choice (an exposure limit is an extent to which a person may be safely exposed to a hazardous substance without causing harm to the health of those exposed).

Click on the image to learn about the benefits when joining the Kover® cartridges recycling program.

HAPs, VOCs and ODSs as defined by health and environment organizations.

  • What are HAPs?

Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) as defined by a list compiled by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the USA are substances known to cause cancer, reproductive defects, birth defects and negative environmental effects. Some toxic air pollutants can contaminate soil and water which are ingested by animals, eventually resulting in devastation through the food chain. The list consists of 187 chemicals and or chemical compounds.

  • What are VOCs?

A VOC is any volatile carbon-based compound that evaporates and reacts from exposure to heat and sunlight resulting in various toxic or harmful by-products. VOCs affect both indoor and outdoor environments. The European Union defines VOC as any organic compound having an initial boiling point of ≤250°C measured at a standard atmospheric pressure of 101.3kPa. This would then imply that the lower the boiling point, the higher the volatility of the compound and its ability to be released into the air. All solvent inks contain VOCs.

  • What are ODSs?

Ozone-depleting substances(ODSs) contribute to the depletion of the ozone as they break down to release chlorine and bromine atoms. The EPA has also defined a list of ODSs.

Ink-Conversion Plans For Mimaki® Ecosolvent Printers.


More than 14,000 Printing Businesses Have Signed Up For Koverink®

"I was happy as to how true-to-life the colors were in the media after Koverink®. The colors are vibrant, saturated, and perfectly matched the colors on my printing jobs. I cannot recommend Koverink® enough!".

Eduardo Sevilla

Printing business owner

"After Koverink® the printing process of my clients has become a breeze. They've saved tons of money on ink and have been able to increase productivity thanks to the improved efficiency of their Mimaki® printers".

Ernie Romeo

TubeliteDenco manager

"One of the advantages of Koverink® is being able to assist clients with augmented reality remote technical support. As a professional technician, getting things done for my clients is what matters most.

Jorge Blanco

Ink-conversion expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kover®?

Kover is a company founded in 1989. In its beginnings, it was dedicated to the development of products for visual communication product distributors with their own private labels. Understanding the importance of specialization in any industry, Kover decided to concentrate all his knowledge and efforts on the distribution of NUtec® digital inks for large-format digital printing in the USA.

What about the colors?

It depends on the series of inks you have; you can choose plug-and-play inks that are 100% colorimetrically compatible with OEM inks and you can continue using the original printer profiles. With any other type of alternative inks, we will take care of supplying or making the corresponding color profiles.

How do I know which ink suits my printer?

If you know your printer well, you will probably be able to identify which of the ink versions we offer can meet your expectations. If you have doubts, fill out the attached form and we will contact you as soon as possible to explain your options.

Who distributes the inks in the USA?

The official distributors for the US market of NUtec® and Inkproink® products are DencoTubelite® and Kover®

What makes Kover® different from other ink suppliers?

The knowledge acquired in the development of products such as types of vinyl, acrylics, cardboard, canvases, as well as printers, foils, etc. added to the knowledge acquired in the use and manufacture of inks for large format digital printing clearly differentiates from any online ink distributor or online store.

If I am not happy with the ink, can I return it?

All inks have an expiration date. Any bottle or ink cartridge that is in original condition may be returned as long as it is within 30 days of purchase.

If I want to go back to the original inks, what would be the process?

If you are using plug-and-play inks you can change from our inks to OEM without any problem, otherwise, upon request, we will take care of returning you to the original inks.

What guarantee do I have that there will always be ink in stock?

Our warehouses in Miami not only covers the entire Latin American territory but also the American market. This guarantees us a sufficient level of inventory to supply both territories.

If a part of the printer is damaged, and the distributor/ manufacturer of the printer doesn't want to sell me parts because I changed the inks, what do I do?

No problem. Through our networks and distributors, we have access to original parts and accessories.

What about the warranty on my printer?

You will have a limited warranty that covers all the parts that the ink touches. The rest of the machine will continue to be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

What post-sale support do I have from Kover®?

Everything you may need. At Kover®, we are here to help you directly or through our distributors.